Mose Dunkel

Mayor of Sandpoint

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I was born here and have lived and worked here all my life. I graduated from Sandpoint High School in 1994 and went on to study at NIC and University of Idaho.  I started working for my dad in the logging industry while taking college courses. I fell in love with this job and spending my time outdoors. I knew this what the career I want so I buckled down, worked hard and smart to become the Operations Manager and now Partner in our 41 year old local family business. I oversee 12 employees and a $1M+ annual budget. I’ve negotiated contracts through the bid process with the Idaho Department of Lands, the US Forest Service and large & small private land owners. I am very experienced with environmental impact issues. I’ve successfully managed large budgets and also a small budget and a family. My wife, Janice, is my biggest supporter and we have been blessed with 5 energetic boys who are all students within our Sandpoint public schools.

That’s enough about me, let’s talk about why I am so passionate for this community and will serve you well as Mayor!

Our City Hall has dropped the ball and lost sight of the importance of local government transparency. Their collective behavior over the past several terms, has created a serious divide between residents and city government which needs to be removed! A recent painful example of this disconnect is that while families struggle to pay water and sewer fees, the mayor and city council decide to go ahead with an unpopular idea of a new city administrator position at over $100,000 a year PLUS benefits!  Instead of doing the right thing and lowering rates, they created this highly unnecessary position without support from Sandpoint residents. 

People feel like they don’t matter and have no voice when decisions are being made. Their voices aren’t heard and their concerns are shot down. I can and will change this! I would work hard to involve people who describe themselves as out of the loop. I would ask people to become involved who have different opinions than myself because I want diversity in thought and motives. I want to ensure a broad range of ideas are heard. Sandpoint needs to be welcoming to anyone regardless of which end of the political spectrum they claim. Our city will benefit by supporting an atmosphere of approachability and inclusiveness. One that promotes local business, more education and better community services.

If you will elect me as your mayor, I plan to engage the public openly and directly in order to keep all informed of work and upcoming developments. I am comfortable communicating in many different styles with the express purpose of meeting those I serve where they are most comfortable. My online, social media presence is well-developed and I believe I use the Internet better than any candidate. As your mayor I intend to keep an open eye with local media and frequently submit articles outlining current events and progress towards goals & objectives. I would establish a Facebook page for the Mayor’s office where people could interact with me in a public format. I also believe strongly in establishing town hall style meetings – perhaps once a month at local establishments where people could ask questions face to face in a comfortable atmosphere while also supporting local establishments. I also would like to explore the options of having city council meetings at locations around the city like Memorial Field or the City Beach to help draw attention to the operations of the Mayor and Council. 

I am open for new ideas as well! I plan to serve all the residents of Sandpoint and not be swayed by the special interest of the few.  Please vote for me on November 3rd.

More Mose, in his own words:

"I have spent my life getting up early and working late like most residents here. My real life experience from birth here connects me to this city forever."

"I'm not interested in the job because I love government, it's because I love Sandpoint. That means I'm willing to do the right things for our home even if I don't want to. What's right is right, right?" 

I've always known this would be my home, my beautiful wife and five very enthusiastic boys home. I have a very real long term investment in Sandpoint, I plan to see my great grandchildren have the opportunities that I have had in the small very imperfect place. Sure it's tough to make a living here, always has been, we choose to live here for so much more than that. Yes these are interesting times for our town, we need to be careful about how money is spent, about how we handle residents who are at the end of their rope, how business's are encouraged to stay in town, how we finally get ITD out of downtown, how we envision downtown, how we help poor families, and how youth don't get cut out of their own future here. 

"It's funny how growing up makes you see clearly the things you used to take for granted. I hope we don't take what we have now for granted!"