Mose Dunkel

Mayor of Sandpoint

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"Mose Dunkel grew up here, understands Sandpoint and is committed to prioritizing opportunities for our youth, who are our future. Mose also has the team building and leadership skills needed."

-Shawn Keough


"Mose Dunkel is a dedicated community leader and will truly be an asset to Sandpoint with his drive and determination to make our beautiful city a great place to raise a family."

-Danielle Ahrens

"I really think that there's always the silent majority and Mo is that, which I think is really cool."

-Karl Dye


I have known Mo Dunkel since he was a student in my class. He is a sincere and hard working individual who understands the challenges of living in Sandpoint. Mo Dunkel will bring a common sense approach to city government

-Ray Miller

"Mo is the every day down to earth common sense citizen. He is the perfect combination of integrity, honesty and humility. These are the qualities our public office holders need and these are the very qualities Mo possesses."

-Dan Mcdonald